WebShare Wisdom: Tips for Getting Started Using WebSharing

The very best way to ensure a smooth, professional presentation is to become familiar with the WebShare tool well in advance of your conference. Some applications don’t appear in their entirety when shared explicitly as a window, but do appear correctly when the entire screen is shared. Experiment with the applications you wish to share to ensure that they work as you expect.

If sharing an entire screen you may want to close or minimize other windows like E-mail and instant messaging programs. This will minimize distractions and keep you from accidentally sharing potentially private information.

If you use dual monitors, you can keep other windows open on your secondary monitor, while your primary monitor is shared with the group.

WebSharing does not allow you to share a full-motion video clip, such as you’d find at YouTube or Vimeo.

You might consider the WebShare a little like the previews at a movie theatre. By starting the call just a little early, and having the WebShare active as participants join the call, you give them confidence that they’re in the right place and everything is working correctly.