What's required to use the web phone?

Q: What's required to use the web phone?
There are three primary requirements when using the ZipDX web phone:

  1. A computer running an appropriate web browser
  2. Suitable internet access
  3. A suitable audio device

(1) Computer & Browser

The ZipDX web phone works in the Chrome and Firefox web browsers running on Chromebooks, LinuxMicrosoft Windows and Apple’s OSX.



It does not work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera or Safari.

Note: Interpreters making use of ZipDX multilingual capabilities must use Chrome.

(2) Internet Access

To deliver clear, uninterrupted sound to and from a conference the web phone requires a reliable, continuous internet connection. It needs only a 100 kbps in each direction, making it usable on even slower DSL services.

Wi-Fi connections tend to be variable, which can lead to dropped calls or gaps in conversation. Therefore, we recommend conference participants using the web phone use a wired Ethernet connection to their local network switch or router.

(3) Audio Devices

The web phone requires access to a microphone and speakers.

These may take one of several forms:

  • The built-in microphone & speakers on a laptop
  • An analog headset connected to the computer’s internal sound card
  • A USB-connected headset (pictured above left)
  • A USB-connected speakerphone device (pictured above right)
  • A Bluetooth wireless headset or speakerphone device (pictured above middle)

While any of these will work, we’ve found that a headset with a boom-mounted microphone consistently delivers the best experience for a single participant.