International Access

Business Issue/Requirement

The business world is getting smaller, and conference call participants are located all over the world. Convenient, reliable, cost-effective access is essential for these frequent conference callers, including easy access via mobile phones.

ZipDX Feature

There are multiple methods through which ZipDX hosts and participants can access ZipDX calls. We offer a toll-free phone number, 1-888-ZipDX-88, over the Public Switched Telephone Network throughout the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

ZipDX hosts and participants located inside and outside this territory have a few options to connect:

  1. Dial In: Call toll-free 1-888-ZipDX-88 if it is reachable from your country. International callers can also call our non-toll-free number: +1 408 884 1884. ZipDX has dial-in numbers in various international cities, including London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney, among others. Using these numbers can avoid international long-distance charges assessed by your local provider. View a complete list of numbers online.
  2. Call-Me: Hosts and participants around the world can enable the call-me feature to have ZipDX call them and avoid frustrating conference codes. ZipDX will dial out to any destination in the world. This is the most cost-effective solution for international PSTN users. Varying charges apply.
  3. Internet Access: A great option for international conference participants is to connect over the Internet using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with an IP phone or PC-based soft-phone. This capability is available wherever there is broadband internet access. This offers callers the opportunity to enjoy wideband audio quality without incurring any additional charges. (See section 13 “Connecting via SIP and Using a Softphone” for more details.)

Use this Feature

If you are an international user of ZipDX, consult our list of international access numbers. If you are inviting international participants, feel free to guide them to that page.

In some cases, ZipDX can recognize a remote caller via Caller-ID. The availability of this capability is a function of the network(s) used to connect the call, which may depend on the caller’s location.

Because ZipDX dials out to any phone in the world, hosts and participants can configure these destinations in the “Call Me Numbers” section on the Profile page after log in at Use the prefix “011” followed by the country code. ZipDX assesses additional charges for calls to certain destinations (e.g. , mobile phones in most European countries). You can view these surcharges on the Call Summary after the conference has ended, either in the E-mail sent to the host, or under Completed Conferences at

View our pricing page for more details.