How do I get ZipDX to call me at meeting time?

How do I get ZipDX to call me at meeting time?
A: ZipDX will call automatically call you at meeting time if you have at least one phone listed in your ZipDX profile, and the “Call-Me” option is enabled for that phone.

Call-Me is one feature of our patented Identity Conferencing scheme. It’s the way that they system can be set to automatically call you when you are invited to a meeting that is about to start.

Polycom-SoundPoint-IP650Call-Me Advantages

There are several advantages to using the Call-Me capability:

  1. You won’t miss a single call – The system will automatically call you when the meeting is about to start.
  2. There are no codes to remember – When the system calls you, since it knows where to reach you and which meeting you should be attending, there’s no need to enter a conference code, or even your PIN.
  3. Your call starts on-time, every time – If you have a routine call, like a daily standup meeting, Call Me can be a godsend. If the system calls everyone at the scheduled time there’s much less chance that someone will be delayed in joining the call. Your meeting starts faster, making better use of everyone’s time.

If order for ZipDX to all your at meeting time you must add at least one phone to your ZipDX profile and enable the Call-Me option for that phone.