Can I record my WebShare presentation?

Q: Can I record my Web Shared presentation?
A: Yes! When a conference is recorded and the Web Share feature is used the system records the presentation as well as the discussion.

The ZipDX Web Sharing feature is integrated with the Call Recording function. When a conference is recorded the shared presentation goods are also recorded.

There are three ways to enable call recording:

1While creating/scheduling the conference

The conference organizer can set the conference to be recorded as they create/schedule the call using the ZipDX web portal. This involves choosing a conference template which contains the various settings possibly applicable to any conference.

Record Conference via template

In the Audio Features section of the template the setting labeled “Record Conference?” can be set to YES. This will cause the system to automatically start recording the conference when it starts.

They can also create a new conference template with call recording enabled. Such a template would allow them to hold ad hoc conferences that were automatically recorded. It would also allow them to schedule recorded conferences from within their Outlook or Google calendars.

Note that all ZipDX have at least one conference template called simply “Meeting.”

2Via the Conference Dashboard

Once the conference is underway a host can turn on call recording using the conference dashboard. The host controls are in the blue stripe at the top of the conference dashboard.

Dashboard Host Controls Call Recording (off)

The Record/transcribe menu has a dropdown with two options; Record and Scribble. Click on the Record link to start the recording. An icon beside the record link indicates that the recording has started.

Dashboard Host Controls Call Recording (on)

Click on the Record link again to stop the recording.

3Via your telephone keypad

A conference host can start or stop the call recording from the keypad of their telephone.

  • *950 – Stops the recording
  • *951 – Starts the recording

For a detailed list of keypad commands available see our online reference page.