Introduction to Conference Diagnostics

We are constantly working to ensure that every ZipDX conference delivers a great experience. We also know it’s an imperfect world, so there will occasionally be problems. When something doesn’t quite go as planned feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

Further, for those who are inclined, we provide information online allowing customers to look into issues quickly and easily on their own. What follows is an introduction to the process we use when troubles are reported.

This is in several parts, starting with identifying the information required and accessing the various details available for a past conference.

1. Required Information

To be able to investigate any reported issue you must be able to identify the conference that was impacted. To do this requires the following information:

  1. (Ideally) ZipDX ID – expressed as Z12345678.
  2. (or) the title, date & time and the conference code issued to the participants.
  3. A description of the problem encountered, as detailed as possible.

Further, if a participant is reporting difficulty connecting:

  • The telephone number they dialed.
  • The telephone number they called from.


2. Locating the Conference Details

The Conference Organizer

Conference history and related details are immediately available to the Organizer in their list of Completed Conferences in the ZipDX web portal.

An Account Administrator

It’s not uncommon for an account Admin to need to access such information. Depending on which of the above info you have, there are a couple of different paths to locate the conference details in the web portal.

Seek by ZipDX Meeting ID:

When logged into the web portal an account administrator, who knows the ZipDX meeting ID, can jump directly to the conference summary using the following URL:

Where 12345678 is the number at the end is from the ZipDX ID.

Seek by Date/Time or Topic:

To find the conference using something other than the ZipDX ID:

  • Click on the Accounts tab.
  • In the relevant row, click on the balance shown.
  • In the Meeting Charges section, click on See All or One Page.
  • On the resulting page you can search by conference Title.
  • You can also navigate through the list to find the desired date/time.
  • Click on the any Topic to see the conference summary.

3. Past Conference Details

Once you can locate the past conference in the web portal, the following are the resources available:

Conference Summary

In investigating trouble reports we always start with the Conference Summary. It has the overview of who connected, when and how. Also, who was “talking.”

A detailed description of the conference summary is available here.

Event Logs

The Event Logs (details here) provide a record of actions/events occurring as the conference proceeded.

Network Quality Analysis (QA)

When audio quality is central to the reported trouble, you can examine the QA report for the conference.

This report is primarily about packet loss, which is a digital phenomenon resulting in choppy, broken up sound. See here for details.

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