How do I make corrections to a conference transcript?

How do I make corrections to a conference transcript?
A: Once the conference has ended the transcript can be viewed and edited the ZipDX web portal.

Preface: The conference organizer can access the transcript in the web portal, as described here. If required, they can share access, including allowing someone else to edit the transcript.

What follows details the tools available for editing the transcript.

Click on the Edit Mode button in the upper right corner of the Transcript Viewer. The resulting page behaves much like the viewer.

Like the Transcript Viewer, any individual phrase can be played by clicking on the blue arrow to the right of that line. The currently selected phrase is always indicated by a red border.

Right-click on any phrase to invoke the text editor. Buttons to the right offer the ability to save, delete, or cancel editing the phrase. You can still use the play button to hear the original audio snippet.

Make the desired changes, then use the save button to stop editing.

Once out of the text editor changes are indicated in standard editing mark-up.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some keyboard shortcuts to make the editing process go swiftly:

Keyboard ShortcutFunction KeyAction
Shift+Alt+DF3Delete phrase and advance to next phrase.
Shift+Alt+SF4Save phrase and advance to next phrase.
Shift+Alt+ZF7Playback jump backward 5 seconds in the current phrase.
Shift+Alt+CF8Playback jump forward 5 seconds in the current phrase.
Shift+Alt+XF9Pause/resume playback.
Shift+Alt+VF10Play phrase from the start.

Committing Changes

Once all the required changes have been made use the Finalize Edits link at the bottom of the page to make the changes permanent.

Edit Mode: Printable View

While in Edit Mode the Printable View button results in a page that displays the transcript and all edits as standard markup.

This very simple page makes it easy to copy & paste just the transcript into your preferred word processor or email program.