Can I dial out to someone to add them to my conference?

Q: Can I dial out to someone to add them to my conference?
A: Yes! Absolutely. A conference host can dial out to someone, adding them to the conference on-the-fly.

From the conference dashboard there are several a host ways to reach out to people and bring them into the conference.

1. Callback

Everyone who was invited to the conference is listed in the column on the left side of the dashboard. Those who were invited but have not yet joined are shown as “invited.”  Anyone who has left is shown as “Exited.”

The participant list includes tabs that make it easier to manage a large conference. The Callback tab lists only those who were invited but have not joined and those who have departed the conference.

Callback List

A host can click on any of the listed names to access a pop-up menu of options for that person. If the system has contact details for that participant the pop-up menu includes the option to Dial out to User.

2. Host Dial Out

A host can also use the dashboard to dial-out to someone who was not originally invited to the conference.

Host Dialout

This is done using the Dialout section of the Host Controls shown across the top of the dashboard.

  • Clicking on Dialout reveals a pop-up menu with two options.
  • Clicking on the Dialout option opens a place to enter a phone number.
  • Enter the telephone number of the person you need to reach.
    • Be sure to start with + and the country code, as shown above.
  • Click OK to place the outbound call.

 If you don’t know the telephone number for the person you are trying to dial, and they are a ZipDX user, you can enter their email address in the Host Dialout menu. The system will lookup their telephone number(s) in their ZipDX profile. If they have Call-Me enabled for any of their contact methods, the system will call them using those access methods.

3. Disconnecting a Dial-out

If you reach voicemail instead of the person you’re trying to reach, select the Dialout option again and click on Disconnect Dialout to hang-up the connection.

4. Leveraging Private Rooms

The process of bringing someone into the conference is noisy.

When the dial out is initiated you hear the far-end ringing and hopefully being answered by something other than voicemail. If heard in the main conference this can disrupt the conversation, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The dial out is initiated from the room where the host is presently located. If you move to an otherwise unused room you can dial out to the new participant without the rest of the conference hearing that activity.

You can move to another room using the dashboard or the keypad on your telephone. Using the dashboard, click on your name to see the blue pop-up menu, then click on the number of a room that’s not being used.


To do this from the keypad of your telephone dial *4, the number of the room you want to move to, then #.

When the new participant answers you can privately brief them about the conference that they are about to join. Then move them into the main room. You can move both of you to the main room in one action by clicking on Rooms in the host controls and selecting Send Room x to Main.

Send Room X To Main

Using a private room in this manner ensures that the main conference proceeds uninterrupted, even as you reach out to new participants, or those who have been accidentally disconnected.