Preparing Visuals For SlideShow

Q; How do I prepare my visuals for use with SlideShow?
A: The slides must be exported from your presentation software as a numbered series of PNG or JPG images.

Our SlideShow feature adds a visual presentation as part of your conference without sharing a computer screen. The presentation materials are uploaded in advance of the conference. This means that a single set of slides can be used for multiple conferences. It also allows slides in multiple languages to be shown during a multilingual conference.

Preparing Presentation Graphics For SlideShow

The presentation goods must prepared as a numbered sequence of images in JPG or PNG format. It doesn’t matter if they are narrow or widescreen aspect, as long as they are all the same size and shape.

If you have presentation translated into different languages, all versions must have the same number of images.


In PowerPoint simply use File, Save As and select PNG or JPG as the file type. This will cause the program to create a new sub-folder with the same name as the presentation, exporting the images as numbered sequence.


Mac-users building presentations in Keynote simply select Export as images, selecting JPEG or PNG as the image type.

The Next Step

Once you have the presentation(s) exported as a numbered series of images you’re ready to upload them to ZipDX, then assign them to a conference.