How-to set a conference call to use SlideShow.

Q: How-to do I set a conference call to use Slideshow?
A: Schedule the conference as usual. Then upload and assign the presentation goods to the conference, as described below.
1.Schedule the Conference

1. Schedule the Conference

Schedule the Conference as usual – this can be done via the web portal or a calendar application such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

2.Set up the Slideshow

2. Set up the Slideshow

The Slideshow setup must be done via the web portal.

  • If not already connected, login using your email address and PIN (or passphrase.)
  • Find the conference in the list of Pending Conferences on the Home tab.
  • Click on the conference title to revisit the conference details.

  • Click on Slideshow Setup button in the upper right part of the page (as pictured above.)
    • If this is the first time you’ve used Slideshow you will automatically be passed to the page for creating a New Slideshow.

  • If this not the first time you’ve used Slideshow the dark grey menu bar changes to offer three options:
    • Edit Settings returns to the conference details & audio settings.
    • List Slideshows presents a list of slideshows previously created, with the opportunity to edit them.
    • New Slideshow offers the tools to upload new sets of images.
3. Use an Existing Slideshow

3. Use an Existing Slideshow

  • If you have already created some Slideshows you’ll see a pull-down list prompting you to Choose Slideshow.
  • Select one from the list.
  • Click Save.
  • You’ll be returned to a view of the conference details, with a notice that the conference has been associated with the Slideshow (pictured below.)

  • Click Save to update the conference settings.
4.Create A New Slideshow

4. Create A New Slideshow

  • Enter a title for your Slideshow here.
    • This title will be used to reference the Slideshow as a whole, regardless of how many language versions of the slides are involved.
  • Click Save to create the Slideshow.
  • You are then passed to page for uploading slides.

  • Click Choose Files to select the first set of slides.
    • You can select multiple files at one time.
    • Each set can be up to 100 images, totaling no more than 20 MB.
  • Select the language for this set of slides.
  • Click Upload to load them to the system.
    • The page will show a progress bar as it uploads the images.
    • Once the upload is complete it creates a thumbnail image of the first slide.

  • Repeat the upload process for each language version of slides.
  • In this sample there are slides in three languages; English, Spanish & French (pictured below.)
  • Note that the number of slides is the same for all languages!

  • At any point you can update the title of the Slideshow.
  • If you require revisions to the slides you can delete an existing language set and upload a new version.

  • Once the slides have been uploaded you can preview the Slideshow.
    • Previewing the slideshow behaves exactly like running the Slideshow, except that it does not require a live conference call.