What is SlideShow?

Q: What is SlideShow?
A: SlideShow is an alternative to WebSharing for adding a visual aspect to a ZipDX conference. Using SlideShow the visuals are uploaded to the ZipDX servers in advance of the conference. Multiple sets of visuals can be uploaded, allowing multiple language versions of slides to be shown during a multilingual conference.

Adding a visual aspect to a ZipDX conference:


WebSharing allows a conference presenter to show a live copy of their computer screen in real-time. This makes it appropriate for both slide presentations and live software demonstrations.

Websharing can only access one computer screen. It requires that the presenter be using Chrome or Firefox.

When used on a multilingual conference all participants see the same visuals, regardless of which language they hear. This forces the conference organizer to design slides that are appropriate for an international audience, leveraging numbers and illustrations more than text.


SlideShow is an alternative approach to adding conference visuals. With SlideShow the conference organizer uploads their presentation images to ZipDX in advance of the conference. The images sequences are linked to the pending conference.

When the conference is live, invoking the WebShare causes the system to display the slides to participants viewing the WebShare. Hosts viewing the WebShare have control of the presentation. They are able to advance forward/back through the slides, or jump to the first or last slide.

In its most basic form this allows a conference organizer to show slides during their conference without sharing their own computer screen. They don’t need to have the presentation on their computer. They merely orchestrate the playback of the slides uploaded in advance of the call.

Further, anyone granted host privileges on the conference can control slide playback from any web browser.

Multilingual Prowess

The added value of Slide Show comes when used in support of a multilingual conference. In that case the organizer creates their initial slide set, then has it translated into any additional languages required. The various slide sets are uploaded to ZipDX in advance of the conference. In the process each is associated with a particular language channel.

SlideShow on monitors & laptop

When the conference is live, participants joining the WebShare see the slides corresponding to their language channel. Consider the example of an English/Spanish conference, as pictured above. Participants joined to the English channel see English slides, while those joined to the Spanish channel see the Spanish visuals.