Getting Ready To Interpret Using ZipDX Multilingual

Step #3: A Good Quality Wired Headset

You must use a headset to deliver interpretation via ZipDX.

We recommend a wired headset with two earpieces and a boom-mounted microphone. This will ensure that you hear the other participants clearly, without distraction. It also ensures that they hear your voice clearly.

There are two kinds of headsets to be considered; an analog headset or a USB-connected model.

Analog & USB Headsets

Recommended headsets

Recommended headsets

Do you need a new headset? We have assembled a list of recommended headsets that includes a number of models and guidance on where they can be purchased.

Are you a Mac User?

Mac Users Beware!

Interpreters who use an Apple computer running OSX Sierra MUST use a USB headset. A bug in OSX Sierra causes terrible echo when using an analog headset. Please see our list of recommended USB headsets for options.

Can I use a Bluetooth cordless headset when interpreting?

Can I use a Bluetooth cordless headset to interpret?

plantronics-savorM1100-bluetooth-headsetNo. We do not recommend using a Bluetooth cordless headset to deliver interpretation. Most Bluetooth cordless headsets do not consistently deliver the call quality necessary to ensure a good experience on a multilingual call.

Can I use a my iPhone headset when interpreting?


Can I use a my iPhone headset when interpreting?

No. An ear-bud style headset with a microphone along the wire doesn’t provide consistently good pickup of your voice. Also, it tends to pick up ambient noise from your surroundings. Such headsets generally do not deliver a good experience to your audience.