Project & Client Tracking

Business Issue/Requirement:

There may be a requirement to track conference calls according to the project or client with which they are associated. Professional services firms (e.g., accountants, attorneys) sometimes bill conferencing expenses back to their clients. You may want to track usage by project for expense management reasons.

ZipDX Feature:

With ZipDX, the Meeting Organizer can associate an optional “Project Tracker” with any conference. This alphanumeric string (up to 32 characters consisting of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, plus hyphen and underscore) can be defined any way you wish, and when attached to a conference, will be displayed on summary listings available to the organizer and the account administrator(s). Administrators can also download a “CSV” file of conference history that includes this parameter; it can then be manipulated via Excel or another spreadsheet program as part of your own cost accounting. The Project Tracker can be set in several different ways:

  • When scheduling a meeting via the ZipDX Web Portal: When you Create a Meeting, the form will include a spot for the Project Tracker. Fill in your desired Tracker value and set your other meeting parameters.
  • As part of a meeting template: When setting up a meeting template, you can enter a “default” Project Tracker. This Tracker will be used whenever the template is invoked, unless it is overriden by one of the other mechanism.
  • When scheduling a meeting via the Electronic Calendar Interface: Append your Project Tracker to the meeting template name, separating it with a dot. For example, if you are using your default template (called “meeting”), and you want to set the Tracker to “Army-4191” you would include “” (instead of just “”) as an invitee in your meeting notice.
  • Over the Telephone: A meeting host (either the organizer, or someone else designated as a host) can enter a Project Tracker over the phone from within the meeting, by dialing *929, followed by the Tracker, and then #. Note that only numeric Trackers can be entered this way. When the meeting ends, the code will replace any previously entered code.
  • From the Web, while the meeting is in progress: From the ZipDX Portal, the Organizer can click on the meeting topic under the “In Progress Conferences” heading. Fill in the desired Tracker and click SAVE.
  • After the meeting has ended: The Organizer can find the meeting under “Completed Conferences I Organized” at the ZipDX Portal. Click on the Topic, and then click the “Edit Settings” link in the upper right. Enter the desired Project Tracker and click SAVE.

Your organization is free to establish whatever practices you wish regarding best use of the Project Tracker. Other than allowing you to set and view the Tracker, ZipDX does not enforce any particular values or use the Tracker to impact conference behavior.

Use this Feature:

Create a meeting and set the Project Tracker using any of the methods discussed above.

When the meeting ends, you will see the Tracker displayed adjacent to the meeting topic. If you are an administrator, you will see it on the administrative displays and can find it in the CSV download.