Can my meeting invitations include a click-to-join link for mobile users?

Q: Can my meeting invitations include a click-to-join link for mobile users?
A: Yes, a meeting invitation sent from Outlook or Google Calendar can include links allowing participants to click-to-join from their smartphone.

When creating your Outlook or Google Calendar meeting invitation you can add information that will become a clickable link for participants joining by smart phone.

Different smartphones (iPhone, Android) behave differently in this regard, and may depend on what application is being used to display the message (email, calendar, text messaging).


iPhone is easiest. If you include in your notification something like this: Please dial into the conference: +1-888-947-3988;123456098# the iPhone will let the user click on those digits, send them to the Phone app, dial the access number, and then display another link where they can click to dial the conference code.


On Android, if they are viewing the invitation in the Google Calendar application, then you have to indicate that the extra digits are a PIN or Access Code. For example: Please dial into the conference: +1-888-947-3988, then enter PIN 123456098#.

Of course, you may not know if your user has an iPhone or something else. So we would recommend the following:

Please dial into the conference: +1-888-947-3988;123456098#. After connecting, enter your PIN 123456098#

It looks a little redundant, but then it has the best chance of working with multiple smart phone types.

Beyond Meeting Invitations

ZipDX offers other alternatives that make it very easy to connect. For example, you can program the system so it calls the participant at meeting time; then all they have to do is answer and press 1. ZipDX can also auto-recognize people by their phone number when they dial in; then they don’t need to enter a code.