Conference Dashboard 203: The Activity Display

Conference Dashboard: Activity Display
This page is one of a series that form a reference guide to the conference dashboard. This section details the activity box displayed in the upper right portion of the dashboard.

For notes about when the conference dashboard becomes available and who has access, please see Dashboard 101: An Introduction to the Conference Dashboard.

Activity Box - Highlighted

What Is it?

The Activity box is a portion of the dashboard that displays a list of participants who are actively participating in the conference, or undergoing a notable change in status. That includes the following:

  • Anyone who is actually speaking (or otherwise making noise.)
  • Anyone undergoing a change in status, for example:
    • When they join or exit the conference.
    • When they are muted or unmuted.
    • When they change rooms or language channels.
    • Interpreters who are actively interpreting.

This presentation is profoundly useful to anyone with host rights, who is moderating a conference.

Who Can Use It?

Access to the dashboard (and the Activity display) requires people to be logged into the ZipDX web portal.

  • The conference Host(s) always have access to the dashboard.
  • Those assigned the role of Interpreter or Auditor also have access to the dashboard.
  • Conference Participants may be allowed dashboard access.

What Does it do?

For Participants

For participants, the Activity display is purely informational. It’s visible to anyone who can see the dashboard. It shows them aspects of the conference status, but doesn’t allow them to do anything.

For Hosts & Interpreters

The Activity display is an important tool for those actively engaged in moderating a conference.

Active Box-pop-up menu

A host can click on any name shown in the Activity display to access the pop-up menu of settings for that person. This is the same menu that is offered of they click on the name in the participant list.