Interpreter Training Syllabus

The following outlines a typical live training call for interprets getting started using ZipDX. The presumption is that the training consists of two or three interpreters, all working the same language pair (e.g., English-Spanish). One takes a turn playing the role of the interpreter, while the other(s) acts as a monolingual (Spanish) participant, with the trainer speaking English.

If desired, the training can include two or three pairs of interpreters (EN<>FR, EN<>ES, EN<>IT for example). In such cases the series of topics is adjusted to address relay interpretation earlier. Alternatively, the language pairs can be exercised one a time, with only a single interpreter doing interpretation at any point during the initial training/demo.

PREREQUISITE: Interpreters must have completed and verified all the interpreter set-up steps detailed in the Getting Starting Guide.

Accessing Web Tools
  • Log into via Chrome
  • Launch WebPhone
  • Launch Dashboard
Verify Audio
  • Microphone & Headphone Selection
  • Audio Quality
Platform Overview
  • Analogous to Multichannel Audio System in Auditorium
  • Identification of Language Channels on Dashboard & WebPhone
  • If >2 languages, Primary & Relay Channel Selection in WebPhone
WebPhone Controls (Virtual Interpreter Console)
  • Muting (Cough Button)
  • Interp Off / On
  • Direction Selection
Practice Interpretation
  • Q&A between two participants
Dashboard Display

Dashboard Display

  • Who’s Talking
  • Channel Indicators
  • Role of the Moderator
  • Conversational vs. Lecture modes
  • Chat Box
  • Partner Handoff
Dashboard Controls

Dashboard Controls

  • Volume Adjust
  • Channel Selection
  • Talkthru & Feedback Settings
Problem Solving


  • Most common issue: Wrong direction
  • Understanding the Microphone Meter
  • “Internet Trouble” indication
  • Closing all Chrome windows & restarting
Advanced Interpreting

Advanced Interpreting

  • Use of MONIT function
  • Clock
  • Review of Primary and Relay channels
  • Practice Performing Relay Interpretation
For Interpreters That Will Also Organize ZipDX Meetings

For Interpreters That Will Also Organize ZipDX Meetings:

Set up sample multilingual template to suit most common needs for this interpreter, and review:

  • How to schedule a meeting (date / time / key features) (reference available .info pages)
  • Including interpreters with interpreter role in participant list
  • How to notify participants
  • Best practices: Advance Start, sound check