Promoting Multilingual Conferencing

Consecutive vs Simultaneous Interpretation

If you ask the established players, the common wisdom is that the only way to deliver interpretation over-the-phone is using consecutive interpretation (CI.) CI is dreadfully slow and tedious. Further, as a practical matter, CI only supports meetings in two languages.

ZipDX Multilingual is dramatically different! It’s a brand new way of thinking about delivering language services over-the-phone. Professional conference interpreters can perform simultaneous interpretation (SI), delivering a vastly superior client experience. It even supports meetings in multiple languages at the same time!

Since the whole idea of SI o-t-p is new, we understand the need to educate clients about it’s benefits. Our approach to this is multi-faceted:

1. Demonstrations

We are happy to demonstrate the system to prospective clients, whether language services providers (LSPs), individual interpreters, or client organizations. To be a real demonstration requires the use of an interpreter, and at least two other people, who speak different languages.

Where possible, we prefer to use the requirement for a demo as a teachable moment. It’s a chance to train that first interpreter, who can start to become an internal asset for the organization.

2. Interpreter Training

We are happy to train interpreters in the use of the system. Anyone who has experience in conference interpretation should find the process familiar. With 30-60 minutes of introduction to the system, they are usually ready to proceed on their own.

In the case of language service providers, we often take a train-the-trainer approach, so that they eventually have one or two people on staff who become their own, internal resource for demos and training of interpreters.

3. Promotional Assets

We have several promotional assets that partners can use to help spread the word about SI o-t-p. We invite partners to use these, adapting them to their needs, as they see fit.

Multilingual Explainer

This animated video is a good introduction to simultaneous interpretation.

Partners can use the following link to embed the video in their web site if desired.

Sorry, we have only an English version at present.

Multilingual Overview Slide Deck

We also offer a PowerPoint presentation that’s is a good overview of ZipDX multilingual conferencing.

Multilingual PowerPoint Slide1

We offer this both as an editable PPTX file and a PDF.

4. Multilingual Event Planning Guide

Our Multilingual Conference Planning Guide is a PDF document that details all the questions that need to be answered in planning for a multilingual virtual event. It describes several examples of different types of multilingual events, including;

  • An Interview
  • Project Meetings
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Investor Briefing Call
  • Corporate Training
  • Product Announcement

Other Online Assets

The Multilingual Support section of our web site offers a range of pages with information covering various facets of multilingual conferencing. Highlights include:


Our goal is to make it easier for language service professionals to promote the use of simultaneous interpretation over the phone. One of the ways we do this is by making the system available to LSPs and interpreters at no charge for the purposes of demonstrations and training.

Once they have an account and are familiar with the use of the system, interpreters and LSPs can conduct their own demonstrations and training, at no cost, and without requiring any involvement of ZipDX staff.