Can I play an announcement to participants as they join?

Q: Can I play an announcement to participants as they join the conference??
A: Yes! There are several ways to play a prerecorded announcement to your participants as they join the conference.

It can be necessary to play a prerecorded announcement to participants as they join a conference. Most typically this involves an official compliance warning. Such a message details the terms a participant accepts by joining the conference.

There are several ways to play a prerecorded message as participants join the conferences. Using the “Custom Announcement” feature described here is the most flexible and yet straightforward.

Step #1: Script the Announcement

Step 1: Script the Announcement

As you’ll be recording the announcement at your computer, it’s best to:

  • Ensure that the exact message you need to convey is clearly defined.
  • Write it down.
  • Don’t make it too long or complicated.

Here’s an example:

“You are about to be speaking with a representative of a firm that is an investment advisor. This firm does not wish to receive material non-public information about any publicly traded company. You should not share any such information. If you do not agree to these terms please hang-up now.”

This message can be read aloud in under 30 seconds without sounding rushed.

Step #2: Prepare to Record the Announcement

Step 2: Prepare to Record the Announcement

You can record the announcement using your computer, right in the ZipDX web portal. For best results, do this at a quiet location, using a microphone or a headset.

  • Log into the ZipDX web portal using your email address and PIN.
  • At the Home page scroll down to the section labelled Announcements & Slideshows.

  • Click on the link to View My Announcements.
    • Since you’ve not done this yet none will be listed.

  • Click on the New Announcement link in the upper right corner.


  • Give the new announcement a title and click Next.

You’ll be taken to the recording tool where you have three options;

  • Record the announcement yourself (requires Chrome or Firefox.)
  • Text-to-speech have a synthetic voice create the recording.
  • Share a URL with someone who will record the announcement for you.
Step #3a: Record the Announcement Yourself

Step 3a: Recording the Announcement Yourself

Note – To record record the announcement yourself you must be using Chrome or Firefox. You should be in a quiet location and using a headset.

  • Clicking on Record will launch an instance of the Web Phone.
  • You see options for selecting microphone and speakers.
    • Select the appropriate microphone.
    • Select the appropriate speakers to hear the recording on playback.
  • When ready to begin recording, click the Call button.
    • You hear a prompt to “Please record a message at the tone, when finished hang up.”
  • Once the tone completes recite your announcement.
  • When done press Hangup.
  • The recording automatically stops if it detects 5 seconds of silence.
Step #3b: Text-to-Speech

Step 3b: Text-to-Speech

Then Text-to-Speech option will create the announcement using one of two high-quality synthetic voices.

  • Click on Text-to-Speech.
  • In the resulting page, paste the text of your script.
  • Select from the two available voices:
    • Male (US)
    • Female (UK)
  • Click Convert and the text will be rendered into the selected voice.
  • Click Update Title to save the resulting recording.
Step #3c: Have Someone Else Record the Announcement

Step 3c: Have Someone Else Record the Announcement

  • You may wish to have someone else record the custom announcement.
  • Click on the button to Let someone record it for you.
  • Send them a copy of the web link offered (pictured below.)
  • Click Update Title
  • The system will remember this decision and store the announcement to your profile when the eventually record it.

Notes for the person recording the announcement:

  • They must use Chrome or Firefox – the link will not work in any other browser.
  • They should be use a good quality microphone or a headset.
  • When they use the link, the system will prompt them, then immediately start recording.
  • The link can only be used one time.
  • They cannot hear a playback of the recording.
  • Once they have made the recording you can listen to it to verify it’s suitable.
Step #4: Verify the Recording

Step 4: Verify Your Recording

  • You next see a page that allows you to listen to the announcement.
  • Listen to the playback to ensure it sounds good.
    • Check that it wasn’t clipped at the beginning.
    • Ensure that it’s not too quiet or too loud.
  • If there was a problem, click on the Record button to return to the prior step and try again.
  • If you need to seek approval for the announcement, use the download link to retrieve an mp3 file that can sent for approval.
  • Click Save to store the new announcement for use.

Now that the recording is available for use there are possible ways to deploy it;

  • Schedule a conference – in the process assigning the Custom Announcement to be played.
  • Create a conference template – with the announcement assigned, so that multiple future conferences are easily created over time.

It’s most common that custom announcements are used repeatedly, so this example will proceed to create a new conference template.

Step #5: Create a Template that uses the Announcement

Step 5: Create a Template that uses the Announcement

  • Click on the Home tab to return to your main page on the web portal.
  • Scroll down to the Conference Templates section.
  • Find the “Meeting” template and click on the link to Copy to new Template.
  • Give the template an appropriate name

  • In the Audio section find the Custom Announcement setting (pictured above.)
    • This will be offered now that there is a recording on file.
    • Select the desired announcement from the pull-down list.
  • Complete all the various settings as desired (see here for a reference.)
  • Click Save to store the new template.
Step #6: Create a Test Conference Using the New Template

Step 6: Test the new Template

  • Use the new template to schedule a test conference as described here.
  • For the time & date click on the link to Set start time to now.
  • Click Save to launch the test conference.

  • Dial in to the conference.
  • You should hear the custom announcement played before you are joined to the conference.