What's the simplest way for someone to join my secure conference call?

Q: What's the simplest way for someone to join my secure conference call?
A: Adding someone as a “One-Use Participant” is the most straightforward way to get a PIN that will allow them to join a secure conference call.

The Problem:

I need to hold a conference where I know with certainty that only a few specific guests are allowed to participate. I need it to be a simple as possible for them to join the call. I don’t want the system sending them any confusing messages.

The Solution:

The most straightforward approach is to add them to the conference as a “One-Use Participant.” 

Adding a One-Use Participant requires only the person’s name. The system automatically generates a PIN for that person.

Since the system doesn’t have an email address for that person it cannot send them an invitation. You must distribute the PIN to them along with dial-in details.

When they dial-in they enter the PIN, which identifies them to the system, and routes them into your conference.

Their PIN only works once, for the specific conference in question.


One Use-Participants are added using the blue button to the right of the Create a Conference page.

  • Log into ZipDX.com using your email address & PIN.
  • Select the appropriate conference template and click on the Create Conference link.
  • Set the Conference Start (Date & Time.)
  • Set the Topic.
  • For each participant click on the Add a One-Use Participant button (highlighted below.)

  • In the resulting form (shown above) enter their Name and Company
  • If you want the system to call them enter their telephone number and leave the Dialing Option set to Auto-ID & Call-Me.
  • If this is a multilingual call select their Preferred Language, if known.

  • Click Submit
  • Assign roles to participants as desired (optional.)
  • Set the various Audio Features as appropriate
  • Click SAVE to schedule the conference

When the conference is created you are shown a Conference Verification page. It indicates the status of each participant.

A unique PIN is shown for each of the One-Use Participants. The PIN is only valid for this one conference.

You must distribute appropriate connection details (phone number & PIN) to each of the people added as One-Use Participants. Since each participant has a unique PIN you must craft a separate message for each person.