What is a Conference Template?

What is a Conference Template?
Short Answer: Conference templates provide a framework for storing various possible conference settings. Templates make it easy to consistently use, reuse and even share specific recurring types of conferences.

What is a Conference Template?

If you take the high-level view, most simple conference calls are quite similar. People connect and talk. This is easy to understand and there’s very little to set up.

To facilitate the most basic conferences every conference organizer starts with has a basic conference template called simply “Meeting.” This foundational template contains an array of settings that, left at their defaults, are useful for holding basic conferences.

Example 1: A Very Basic Use Case

When an organizer dials in to ZipDX one of the options offered is to, “Press 2 to start a spontaneous conference with your default template.” Since many organizers have only the one basic template, if they press 2 the system launches a conference using those settings.

Let us suppose that they might want to have all their conferences recorded. They could visit the Meeting template, scrolling down to the Audio Features section where there’s a property for Record Conference? They could set that to Yes and SAVE the template.

From that point on any time they dialed in and pressed 2 to start a spontaneous conference with their default template, the conference would be recorded.

A Further Example

They might prefer to be more selective about which conferences were recorded. They might prefer to create a second conference template specifically to be used when the conference should be recorded.

Here’s how that would be done:

  • Locate the Meeting template and click on the link to Copy to new Template.
  • Give this new template a suitable name.
  • Change the numeric conference code (increment by 1.)
  • Set Record Conference to YES.
  • Click SAVE to store the new template.

The system doesn’t allow two conference templates to have the same code when spontaneous conferencing is allowed, so it’s necessary to change the conference code. The simplest thing to do is increment it by 1.

In Use

Now with two conference templates, the process to launch a spontaneous, recorded conference would be slightly different.

  • They would dial in, and when prompted
  • Press 1 to start or join a conference using a conference code.
  • Enter the conference code of the template for recorded conferences.

These are just two of the simplest examples of using conference templates. In these two cases they made the conference recording start automatically. They can be used to a vast range of things that adapt the behaviour of the system to specific requirements.