What are breakout rooms?

What are breakout rooms?
 A: Breakout rooms are private discussion spaces associated with a ZipDX conference call. Some, like the waiting room, have special features.

By default each ZipDX conference call has a main room (0) and eight (1-8) break-out rooms. Breakout rooms are private areas where some of the conference participants can go to have a conversation away from the rest of the group.


While there are many applications for break-out rooms, virtual training is one common example. A team meets in the main conference room for an initial briefing. During that time, they receive instruction and an assignment. The group then splits into break-out rooms to work on the assignment in smaller teams. When their allocated time has elapsed, they are returned to the main conference to discuss their results.

While a ZipDX conference defaults to 8 general purpose breakout rooms, this can be increased to 46 general purpose breakout rooms using an expanded breakout configuration.