ZipDX has introduced a new concept in conferencing, where each individual involved in a conference has his or her own identity. No longer are people merely generic “hosts” or “participants. ” With our patented “identity-based conferencing” system, each individual sets her own preferences and has a measure of control over the conferencing experience.

To enable this, ZipDX uses a relational database that links E-mail addresses and phone numbers with other conferencing data. When somebody is invited to a ZipDX conference, our system learns their E-mail address, generates an invitation E-mail that contains a special link to a web page and invites them to register at Online registration is simple and quick. All data entered is kept strictly confidential and is used only to facilitate conferencing.

Conference Hosts and ZipDX account administrators are required to register before they can set up conferences.

Conference participants are not required to register at, but we always suggest they do in order to get access to the highest level of service and to take advantage of all our features.

The remainder of the material that follows in this Reference Guide assumes that the ZipDX users have established an online identity with us and have been granted access to at least one account.