No-Codes Conferencing

Business Issue/Requirement

Most conferencing systems today assign pairs of “Host” and “Participant” codes. The conference code often varies depending on who is hosting or what assignment the administrator has made for this particular occasion. For any given conference, those involved must know the conference dial-in telephone number and the respective conference code to access the call.

Keeping track of all these numbers and codes is challenging, especially for frequent conferencers. People are unlikely to be able to memorize all the numbers, which makes joining a call from a mobile phone in the car particularly challenging. Many systems don’t provide any confirmation that a caller entered the correct code, so it is possible a caller may wait for colleagues to join a call that, in fact, already began in a different “room. ”

Searching for conference codes and frantically calling to collect wayward participants makes for a frustrating conferencing experience, causes meetings to be delayed, and wastes employees’ valuable time.

ZipDX Feature

With ZipDX’s patented No-Codes Conferencing, each individual has his or her own identity in the ZipDX database. Through the registration process, ZipDX learns each individual’s phone number(s), so it can recognize them when they dial in or even call them if they choose. Each ZipDX member selects his/her own PIN, so they use a number that is easy to remember when they do need to identify themselves to the system,

The ZipDX database knows who is supposed to be in each conference and when, so ZipDX automatically places each participant into the correct conference.

Use This Feature

Log in to and chose “Create a Conference. ” Fill in the form to schedule a conference with one or more colleagues; enter their E-mail addresses one at a time, pressing ADD after each one. When finished, be sure to click SAVE. Any invited colleagues who haven’t already created an online profile will receive an E-mail inviting them to do so.

Everyone who goes online to create a ZipDX profile will see, in the Profile tab after log in, space to enter Call-Me Numbers and Dial-In Numbers. In order to realize the benefits of this feature, it is important to enter at least one phone number in each of these spaces. Office lines with extensions are accepted (see Notes below). Then, set preferences for the two options: ‘When I’m the host’ and ‘When I’m not the host.’ This determines how you will access ZipDX conferences. ZipDX lets each individual personalize their dial-in/call-me preferences.

If you have enabled the call-me function in the Profile tab, ZipDX will automatically and simultaneously dial all your registered phones, per your settings (such as 1-2 minutes before the scheduled start time). Answer whichever phone you want to conduct the call from, dial 1 to accept the call, and you’re now in the system. Or, if you elect not to have the system dial out but have registered dial-in numbers, ZipDX will automatically recognize your phone when you dial in and will place you into the correct conference call.

If you are scheduled for more than one conference around the same time, ZipDX will announce all of those conferences to you when you are called or dial in, and the system will ask you to choose which call you would like to join.

Notes: Some corporate telephone systems send a “generic caller-ID” for all extensions within the system, making it impossible for ZipDX to recognize individuals calling from such a system. In most cases, it is possible to program a speed-dial button on your office telephone set that will dial ZipDX, and then enter your PIN automatically after a brief delay. Thus, “no codes conferencing” is preserved even in this situation.

When setting a PIN, it’s important to remember this should be kept confidential to protect the security of your calls. Each new ZipDX registrant can select a PIN.

Most ZipDX customers have come to love the “call me” option. Even if your telephone is accessed as an extension on a PBX, you can instruct ZipDX to dial through an “automated attendant” by including your extension number (if you enter 2125551000×2345, ZipDX will dial telephone number 212.555.1000, and then enter extension 2345).

In many cases, ZipDX will be able to recognize international callers accessing the conference through one of our international access numbers. This varies with the international networks involved in your particular situation. ZipDX will request that you enter your PIN if the system cannot automatically recognize your phone number.

Finally, ZipDX can dial out to any location in the world. So no matter where you are, you can take advantage of the call-me capability. Enabling “call me” is usually the most convenient AND cost-effective way to access your conferences.