What is a multilingual conference call?

Q: What is a multilingual conference call?
A: A multilingual conference call is one where one or more interpreters allow participants to engage in the discussion in their preferred language. 

Multilingual Gatherings

In the physical world there are meetings (conferences) where people from may different backgrounds engage in discussions of matters common to the gathering. Such gatherings may involve participants who speak many different languages. In order to ensure then the entire gathering is able to participate productively interpreters are used to allow participants to engage in their preferred language.

The classic example is the United Nations, which conducts all of its meetings in six official languages; Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Official UN facilities are both staffed and equipped to allow participation in any of these languages.

Virtual Meetings

Conference calls are a well-established and understood tool for conducting business. A conference call is the virtual equivalent of an in-person meeting. A number of participants join a conference bridge by telephone to have a shared conversation as a group.

ZipDX Multilingual: A Virtual Meeting in Multiple Languages

ZipDX Multilingual conferencing was born from the desire of a particular UN agency to enjoy the productivity and engagement common at their in-person gatherings, but during times when the participants not gathered at a UN facility. What they sought was a way to have a virtual gathering where a team of interpreter ensured that it was possible to participate in any of the official languages.

With a long history of innovation in telecom, ZipDX built a conference service that mirrors the function of the technical resources at major UN facilities. ZipDX multilingual conferencing provides a means for interpreters to be engaged in a conference call, such that everyone involved can participate in their preferred language.