How to I change to another language channel?

How to I change to another language channel?
A: When participating in a multilingual conference call there are several ways to move to a different language channel.

Language Channel Basics

The Floor is always channel #0. While on the floor only the person who is speaking is heard, in their own voice. An interpreter is never heard on the floor, which may be ideal for bilingual participants.

While in a language specific channel (#1+) a participant hears only that language. That’s the speaker, in their own voice, when they are speaking that language, or an interpreter.

Changing Channels

Once connected to the conference there are several possible ways to move to a different language channel. These are presented in the order most commonly applicable.

telephone1. The Telephone Keypad

Most people join a conference call using a traditional telephone or mobile phone. In both of these cases they can move between language channels using the dial pad.

  • Enter #0 to move to the Floor channel.
  • Enter #1 – #8 to move to a language specific channel.

The language assigned to each channel varies by conference. In a conference that is EN/FR the channels will likely be assigned as follows:

  • Enter #0 to move to the Floor channel.
  • Enter #1 to move to the English channel.
  • Enter #2 to move to the French channel.


2. The ZipDX WebPhone

Participants connected to the conference audio using a computer and our WebPhone see a handy list of button corresponding to the available language channels.

Webphone Language Channels

Using the WebPhone a participant can quickly move to any desired channel by simply clicking on the appropriate button.

3. The Conference Dashboard

In some cases participants may be allowed to access the web-based conference dashboard. The dashboard can be used to move between language channels.

To access the conference dashboard a participant must be logged into the web portal at When the conference is in progress there’s a large gold “Dashboard” button that will open the dashboard in a pop-up window.

Changing Language Channels via Dashboard

A participant can only impact their own involvement in the call. To move to another language channel:

  • Find your name in the list of participants on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Click on your name to open the blue menu of options (pictured above.)
  • Click on the desired language channel. The Blue menu will go away as you are moved to the selected channel.