Video How-To: Creating a Simple Multilingual Conference

Video How-To: Creating a Simple Multilingual Conference

There are several possible approaches to creating a multilingual conference using ZipDX. The settings used vary based upon the nature of the conference.

Today we offer a video detailing how to create a multilingual conference in a manner appropriate for the board or committee of an organization.

Video: Creating a Multilingual Conference

The procedure detailed in the video is as follows:

  • Log In:  Log into the web port at
  • New Template:  Since this meeting will be recurring, create a new conference template to contain the core settings
  • Add Callers:  Add the various participants to the conference template
    • Pre-register participants who are not yet know to the system
  • Multilingual Settings:  Establish the multilingual settings for the conference
  • Assign Roles:
    • Most are  “participants”
    • Assign additional “hosts” to help with moderation
    • Assign “Interpreters”
  • Setup Suitable Conference Audio Settings:
    • Disable entry/exit chimes
    • Host advanced start time
  • Save the Conference Template
  • Use the Template to Schedule a New Conference:
    • Set desired time and date
    • Amend participant list if desired

Identity Conferencing

Since this is a board meeting all of the conference participants are known in advance.

Each participant is added to the conference using their email address. Those who are not already entered into the system are pre-registered. Each participant receives an email invitation containing the conference details.

No conference code is used, so only those invited to the conference will be be able to join. Each participant will be positively identified before they are transferred to the conference.

Participants Preferred Language

This conference will be conducted in English and French.

Each participant has a profile in the system that includes a setting for their preferred language.

This ensures that they will hear the correct language when the meeting gets underway and interpretation begins.

Joining the Conference

How each participant joins the conference is determined by their personal profile or their role in the conference.


If they have added a telephone number to their ZipDX profile and enabled the Call-Me feature, the system will automatically call them at conference time.


If they prefer to dial-in they can do so, using any of our 50+ access lines.

If at conference time they call from a telephone number that has been added to their profile (Auto-ID) the system will automatically recognize them and place them into the conference.

If they are calling from a telephone number that isn’t in their profile they’ll be prompted to key in their PIN. Once the PIN is entered they’ll be transferred to the conference.


The interpreters must join the conference by logging into the web portal at and using the Web Phone link. This is detailed in our Starting Guide for Interpreters.

The fact that they have been assigned as interpreters will cause the web phone to show them the controls necessary to manage the flow of conversation between the languages.


It takes only a few minutes to create a multilingual conference. It’s even faster to create subsequent meetings using the conference template.

In the next video in this series we’ll consider how to setup a multilingual webinar, where it’s not possible to know in advance who might participate.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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