Phone Configuration

PHONE CONFIGURATION (Not required for “pre-configured” phones)

Polycom IP phones are complex and can require extensive configuration information to function optimally. With ZipDX direct, only a few basic settings are required; once input, the phone will get all the rest of the information it needs over the Internet.

The settings described here can be input before the phone is shipped to the end-user, saving them from the burden of having to input the sometimes-cryptic information themselves.

These instructions assume that the phone is “factory fresh” and has not been previously configured. If this is not the case, use the “Reset to Default” administrative options to clear the phone back to the factory-fresh state, or see further below regarding modifying your existing configuration.

Follow these steps:

¨  Power up the phone and, before it begins its boot sequence, press the Setup softkey.

¨  Enter the Administrative Password (456) and press OK.

¨  Scroll down to DHCP Menu, and press Select.

o   Change Boot Server to Static (scroll down to that row, press EDIT, and then use the left and right arrow keys to find the “Static” option, then press OK).

o   Press EXIT.

¨  Scroll down to Server Menu, and press Select.

o   Change Server Type to HTTP.

o   Set Server Address to (press digit keys repeatedly to select letters; press * for the dot).

o   Change File Tx Tries to 1.

o   Press EXIT

¨  Scroll down to GMT Offset. Change this value to -8 for Pacific Time, -7 for Mountain Time, or another value appropriate for your time zone.

¨  Press EXIT, then SELECT (for Save & Reboot)

The phone will go through its boot sequence. It will download new firmware, if the firmware on the phone is not up-to-date. It will download the ZipDX Direct configuration. This may take several minutes the first time.

A message will be displayed if the phone Serial Number has not yet been entered at (see above). Otherwise, the Registered User’s name will be displayed. The phone is ready to make and if registered, receive calls.

If your phone is already configured to work with another service provider, and you want to ADD access to ZipDX, you will need to add the following parameters to the phone’s configuration. This should only be attempted by knowledgeable service personnel. (Note: X is the line key that you wish to use for ZipDX; replace X with the appropriate digit. Enter other strings EXACTLY as shown – for example, do NOT replace “SN” with your phone’s serial number; input the letters “S” and “N” as indicated.)