Using ZipDX Direct from Polycom Phones

While this information applies to all SIP capable Polycom products, it’s especially aimed at their HDVoice capable products, including;

  • SoundStation IP5000, 6000 & 7000 conference phones
  • SoundStation Duo multi-mode conference phone
  • SoundPoint IP335, 450, 550 650 & 670 desk phones
  • VVX Series Business Media Phones

Once the device is configured, placing and receiving calls is straightforward.

  • ZipDX Conference Calls: Dial “00.” You’ll be directly connected to the ZipDX Conference Bridge. If you configure your ZipDX profile to enable the “call me” capability, ZipDX will call you for scheduled conference calls; simply answer the phone when it rings and follow the voice instructions.
  • ZipDX Conference Dashboard: When a conference is active, press the Menu button, then “4” to access the ZipDX on-screen Dashboard (SoundStation models), or press the “Applications” key (SoundPoint models). You may need to select the REFRESH soft-key to initially update the display. Use the arrow keys to position the cursor. The “select” function is model-dependent: On the SoundPoint phones, press the checkmark button (in the middle of the four arrow keys); on the IP-7000, press the “dot” button in the center of the arrow keys; on the IP-6000, use the SELECT key to the right of the display. Use the EXIT key/soft-key to exit the Dashboard. Note that you cannot enter DTMF digits into the conference unless you exit the dashboard.
  • Point-to-Point HDVoice Calls: To call a ZipDX Direct user, dial 1+ the ten-digit ZipDX Direct number (usually starting with 700). A voice announcement and an update on the display indicate whom you’ve called. When someone calls you, your phone will ring; answer it normally. An animated icon in the upper left of the display, adjacent to the ZipDX label, will indicate if the call is in HDVoice.
  • PSTN Calls: To call a number in North America (regardless of your own location), dial 1+ the ten-digit number with area code. The display will update to confirm the dialed destination. To call internationally, dial 011, followed by the country code and the phone number.
  • HDVoice Demo: Use the HDVoice speed-dial key (to the left of the display on SoundPoint phones; on SoundStations, press “Up-Arrow” to access speed-dial list). Or, enter “923366” & DIAL (“WBDEMO”).

Call-waiting is enabled for up to three simultaneous calls. You will get a call-waiting indication if there is another incoming call when you are already on the phone. The call can be answered using the “soft keys” provided on the phone, or it can be ignored.