What is an “Authorized Domain?”

Q: What is an Authorized Domain?

A: The Authorized Domain is a property that defines the limits of certain functions accessible to the account administrator.

When a ZipDX account is established it may includes one or more “Authorized Domains.” This setting determines how much access the account administrator has to certain information.

For example, when a ZipDX account administrator bulk provisions participants via CSV upload they are given file with the results of the process. For participants whose email addresses are at one of the administrators authorized domains, that file contains the participant’s PIN. The account administrator is responsible for conveying the PIN to the new participant.

For participants that are NOT at one of the administrators authorized domains, the file only indicates that the new participant was successfully registered. The PIN is not revealed to the account administrator. The PIN is sent directly to the new participant.

An account may include multiple authorized domains. This allows an administrator to bulk register conference participants who have email addresses at a variety of domains managed by the organization.

For example, a real estate agency may have a root domain of “verybig.com” and multiple subdomains (ny.verybig.com, pa.verybig.com, houston.verybig.com, etc) relating to different regions of the country. The administrator of the Very Big Realty account would have scope to register and assist participants who had email addresses at any of their domains.