Can I edit the ZipDX profiles of participants in my organization?

Q: Can I make changes to the ZipDX profiles of participants in my organization?
A: Yes! If you have administrator rights to the ZipDX account, you may be able to edit the ZipDX profile of other organizers or participants associated with the account.

When an organization adopts ZipDX as their preferred conferencing platform they quite often register a number of meeting organizers and participants in the system. As they are registered in the system they each get their own ZipDX profile.

Their profile contains information about them, from their PIN to the various telephone numbers where they can be reached. Their profile is considered private. Each person can log into the ZipDX web portal and manage their profile for themselves.

That said, some users will literally never use the ZipDX web portal. Thus managing their profile, when occasionally required, may fall to the account administrator, who is more familiar with the system.

Authorized Email Domain

Every ZipDX account may have one or more “Authorized Email Domains.” This is the root domain of the email addresses of users associated with that account. For example, ABC Corp would have an authorized email domain of

Administrator Access

When the Authorized Email Domain is defined, an account administrator can access the profile of any users whose email addresses reside at that domain.

View a List of Domain Users

  • Log into the ZipDX web portal.
  • Click on the Accounts tab.
  • Click on the Domain link.
  • On the resulting page there’s a drop-down list labelled Select Domain.
  • If the pulldown list has no recognizable domain name please contact ZipDX support and request that the Authorized Email Domain be setup.
  • When you select a domain listed in the pulldown menu you’ll see a list of email addresses for users at that domain.

Viewing a User Profile

  • Click on any email address to see the profile details for that user.

Editing a User Profile

  • To edit the profile click on the Login As button in the upper right.
    • This temporarily logs you in as if you are that person.
  • Click on the Profile tab and revise the profile as required.
  • When the edits are complete click on the link to Return to your original, logged-in profile in the yellow stripe at the top of the browser window.