Global Access Number Updates

ZipDX maintains dial-in access numbers in more than sixty countries around the globe. As national regulators update their rules and local telecommunications companies evolve their practices, we occasionally have to make changes to these numbers in order to maintain reliable operations and to keep rates in check.

For meeting organizers, it is important that your participants have the current dial-in numbers when trying to connect to a meeting. When ZipDX sends automated, personalized invitations, it always incorporates the latest numbers into that message. If you are sending your own invitations, be sure to reference the current list. It’s available via the “Dial-In Numbers” link from your HOME tab when logged into the ZipDX portal; you can copy and paste that link into your own emails or website if you wish. Be sure to include the full URL because it includes a reference to your account that causes the list to be customized for your specific meetings.

If you are publishing specific numbers to your participants, or if you maintain your own internal list of ZipDX access numbers, you should check periodically to make sure you’re up-to-date. So far in 2019, we’ve updated our numbers in the United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

If you make use of the ZipDX API, you can retrieve current access numbers that way. Contact us for more information.

When we have to make a change to a number, we try to keep the replaced number active for at least 30 days once the new number goes into service. But after that, the old number won’t work (there’s no opportunity to automatically forward it), so you’ll want to transition to the new number as quickly as possible.


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