Case Study: ZipDX Transcription Service Helps InboundMD Build Medical Websites

inboundmd on imacIn as short as a 30 minute recorded and transcribed phone call through ZipDX, doctors working with InboundMD have been able to verbally expound on topic that produces a 2,000 to 3,000 word transcription.

That results in a lot of content for blog posts, treatment pages, and condition pages for InboundMD client websites. The major benefit of this is that because the information is coming directly from the doctor, only minor edits are required, which allows InboundMD to populate a website with great content quicker, and with less cost.

ZipDX charges $100 to Scribe a 30-minute meeting, which fits in everyone’s budget for several key reasons:

  • A doctor’s time is expensive.
  • The team at InboundMD always has budget constraints.
  • A typical, non-transcribed piece of content can easily cost 3x as much.

About InboundMD

As an all-in-one healthcare marketing solution, InboundMD works with doctors, dentists, and independent practices to automate their patient acquisition and reputation management and create an online persona that matches the level of care and service they provide in-office.

Google’s search results are now heavily focused on local results to provide a better, more efficient search result for users. InboundMD turned to ZipDX to help create the content for medical websites that patients are searching for.

How ZipDX Helps InboundMD Create Content in Less Time

The marketers at InboundMD are experts at website optimization and driving leads to a website, not examining patients or performing surgery. They have found that the best way to consistently get informative, accurate information about medical ailments and procedures is directly from the doctors themselves.

InboundMD uses ZipDX Scribe, a two-pass transcription process. The process starts with Scribble, a fully automated speech-to-text technology. This results in a draft transcript which, while useful, has some errors. The draft is automatically passed to a team of professional transcriptionists for editing. The end-result is an accurate, publication-ready transcript of the conversation.

transcription to blog post

With ZipDX transcription, InboundMD gets a quick turnaround. The Scribbled draft transcript is available immediately after the conference ends. Scribe delivers the corrected, final transcript in just three business days or less. Scribe provides a printable version of the conference call that can be pasted into any content management system (CMS).

Saving Time, Effort, Money and Frustration with ZipDX Transcription

Working with a client to create content can be a time-consuming process and as they say, time is money. The resources simply aren’t available all the time to create customized content within a budget that the client can afford.

Without ZipDX call recording and transcription the normal process for writing even a simple blog post plays out something like this:

  • InboundMD creates a topic based on keyword research or search traffic.
  • InboundMD researches medical topic.
  • InboundMD writes the post.
  • InboundMD sends the post to the client for approval.
  • InboundMD asks if they received the post and if there are any edits.
  • InboundMD has to bug the client….and wait.
  • Bug the client….<wait>
  • Bug the client….<wait>
  • Client responds, now InboundMD asks for clarification
  • InboundMD publishes the blog, then receives negative feedback from client.

To meet expectations for both parties, ZipDX call recording and transcription was deployed to avoid costly and frustrating back and forth writing, editing, clarifying, and getting final approval.

Both the audio and text transcription can be saved and downloaded for future use. The audio is HD quality, so snippets can also be repurposed as a podcast or used in a promotional video.

Creating content about complex medical topics with help of ZipDX has become more efficient, less costly, easier on the doctors, and it has made the clients happier…which is the most important thing of all.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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