Enabling The ZipDX Web Sharing Function in Firefox

firefox-125If you use Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, and find that the ZipDX web sharing function suddenly isn’t working, you may need to make a change to one of the browsers default security settings.

The requisite change can be made simply and easily using the following procedure:

  1. Open a new browser tab in Firefox
  2. In the location bar enter about:config to display the list of Firefox configuration variables.
  3. The browser will initially prompt you to be careful. Click on the button labeled I’ll be careful, I promise!
  4. In the search bar offered enter mixed to narrow the listed parameters. Only two should be shown.
  5. Note that the parameter for security.mixed_content.block_active_content is by default set to true
  6. Double-click on that line to change the setting to false
  7. Close the browser tab
  8. Revisit the ZipDX portal, logging in and establishing new conference
  9. Once the conference has started click on the start WebShare button.
  10. A new window should open and display a large dark grey rectangle. In the middle is a link to Activate Java Platform. Click on this link.
  11. The browser will open a prompt to Allow Now or Allow and Remember. If you plan to use the web share tool periodically click on Allow and Remember.
  12. You should now see the typical prompt to run the OmniView Java application. Click on the Run button and the web share should begin.

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