Good Advice On Conference Calling Etiquette

Good Advice On Conference Calling Etiquette

While there are time that the internet seems like a vast desert, that sense is diminished when I encounter a hidden gem of  online wisdom. Syndi Seid’s web site is one such recent find. Called simply Advanced Etiquette, it’s an absolute treasure trove of good advice.  Ms Seid is an internationally recognized authority on matters of business protocol and etiquette.

In particular, her post on Conference Calling Etiquette is especially excellent. It’s comprehensive, and well-considered, but without being preachy. It’s timeless. If you’re someone who routinely holds or attends conference calls I’d say its well worth the time to give it a read.

By the way, it meshes nicely with our own, long-standing guidance on Conference Call Best Practices.

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