Refining How Multilingual Conferences Are Created

Refining How Multilingual Conferences Are Created

The method for creating a multilingual call has been refined beyond the approach described in this post. Please see our knowledgebase entry about creating/scheduling a multilingual virtual meeting.

We are pleased to announce that it’s now easier and more straightforward to setup a multilingual conference call!

Until now setting up a multilingual conference call required entering a somewhat obtuse string of characters into the “Project Tracker” field in the conference template.

Create A Conference Project Tracker

This instruction setup the various language channels for the conference. While the process was not difficult, it was a little cryptic.

With our latest update to the system multilingual settings are now seamlessly incorporated into the Audio Features section of the conference template.


Conference organizers who don’t require our multilingual capability see that it’s simply “Not Enabled” by default.

An organizer who wants to schedule a multilingual call can choose “Over the phone” which exposes the additional settings necessary to define the language-specific properties of the conference.


As always, the Explain links offer helpful tips about the how the settings are used. Further, our online documentation for Creating Multilingual Conferences has been updated to reflect this new user interface.

The original way of creating multilingual conferences using parameters in the Project Tracker field remains completely functional. Organizers with existing multilingual conference templates can continue to use them as before.

We hope that this new user interface makes it easier for more people to take advantage of our unique multilingual conference capability.

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