2 Ways to Send Yourself a Reminder About a Scheduled Conference Call with ZipDX

OutlookCalendar in Lenovo X-1-CarbonThis tip stems from a question recently posed by a new customer.

They had just scheduled a recurring conference call, as described previously, which resulted in email invitations going out to all of their invited associates.

Those email invitations contained calendar objects so the series of conferences would appear in participants calendars.

The fact that the event appears in participants calendars by way of the invitation from ZipDX has a big advantage over someone manually adding it to their calendar.

Updated, Rescheduled, or Cancelled Conference Notifications

If the conference is rescheduled or cancelled ZipDX will send an updated invitation, which will ensure that all participants calendars are updated.

The conference organizer doesn’t automatically receive an email invitation. Thus the conference series does not automatically appear in their calendar.

If they could conveniently send themselves an email invitation, even well after the conference had been created, the series of events would be easily added to their own calendar.

In truth, this guidance is equally applicable to a single conference or a recurring series of conferences setup via the ZipDX web portal.

Both methods listed below start with logging into the web portal at www.zipdx.com to get to your Home tab.

Method #1: If You’re the Organizer or Assigned Host of a Conference

If you scheduled the conference, or you have been assigned as a Host, you’ll see it listed on your home tab under Pending Conferences.

  • Click on the conference name. This will bring you to a page showing the conference settings.
  • You don’t need to change anything about the conference, just click on the SAVE button.
  • If you didn’t organize the conference, but you are assigned as a host, you’ll skip the settings page and go right to…
  • Next you see the Conference Verification page.
  • Just below the list of invited participants there’s a link to Email yourself an invite. Click on that link (pictured above) and the conference invitation is immediately sent.
  • Click on the Return Home link at the bottom of the page

Method #2: If Someone Else Organized the Conference

If someone else organized the conference, and you are not a host, the approach is different.

This quick process will send you a reminder about the very next conference to which you have been invited.

  • In the upper right corner of your Home tab you will see a link to “Send a participant a reminder email.”
  • Clicking on this takes you to a form where you can enter an email address
  • If you enter your own email address and click Submit the system will send you a reminder for your next scheduled conference.

In point of fact, this second method allows you to send anyone a reminder about their next scheduled conference.

It even works to send a reminder if they are late for a conference that is already in-progress.

In this one instance we’re using it to send a reminder to ourselves, just so that we can add the event to our calendar.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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