News: ZipDX Adds A New Toll-Free Access Line In The Philippines

Global NetworkZipDX is continually growing, both in capabilities and its reach as a network.

Our Call-Me capability is one of the more novel features of the service.

The ability to dial-out to participants allows us to reach literally anywhere in the world.

However, we accept that many customers are comfortable with the classic conference call model, where participants dial-in to the conference from wherever they may be.

To facilitate that traditional dial-in mode of operation we maintain a network of local access lines in over 50 countries.

Local access lines make it easy and inexpensive for participants to connect to conference calls, without making costly international phone calls.

Types of Access Lines

There are several different kinds of access line. An access line may be located in a particular city. For example, in Argentina we have an access line in Buenos Aires. While that line is a local call to people in the city, conference participants dialing from elsewhere in Argentina may still incur a domestic long distance charge.

In some countries we are able to offer a “National” access line. This is a special kind of access line that in many cases doesn’t incur domestic long distance charges. We have national access lines in many countries, including; China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Portugal and the UK.

In a number of countries we offer a toll-free access line. Such lines allow participants to dial-in, regardless of their location, without ever incurring a long distance charge.

Our US toll-free number is the most common way for US participants to dial-in. We also have toll-free access in the following countries:

Countries with Toll-Free Access Lines
South KoreaTaiwan
UkraineUnited Arab Emirates
United States

Now in the Philippines

All of the above is merely preface to the announcement of our newest access line. We now have a toll-free access line in the Philippines.

Available at no cost to participants dialing in from anywhere in the country, this new number (+63 1 800 1110 1034) is accessible from land-lines, plus the Sun Cellular & Smart Mobile networks.

When participants use this new access line the conference organizer is charged an additional 35 cents/minute for each participant connected via the Philippines. This is dramatically less than what it would cost the participants to dial internationally to join their conference.

Like many facets of ZipDX, this new access line came about as the direct result of a request from a customer. Unlike commodity conference services, we welcome questions from customers.

We’re continually working to better understand the problems that customers are trying to address. Customer engagement directs us in our effort to build the best conference service on the planet.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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