Three Ways to Invoke Conference Recording

Open Reel RecorderThere are many possible reasons you might want a conference recorded:

  • To play it back for absent colleagues;
  • Use the material for training or review;
  • Legal requirements;
  • Or to generate a call transcript.

ZipDX conferences can easily be recorded to an MP3 file that’s available for playback online or download, once the conference has completed.

There are three possible ways to have a conference recorded:

1. Enable Call Recording in the Conference Template

Call recording can be enabled in advance of the conference. While scheduling the conference using our web portal, simply enable call recording in the conference template. The setting is found in the Audio Features section as pictured below.

template audio features record

Enabling recording at this stage, while scheduling the conference, ensures that the entire conference will be recorded from the very first person connected, to the very end. This may be desirable for legal or compliance reasons.

Via Google or Outlook Calendar

If you want to be able to organize conferences using your Google or Outlook calendar, and want them to be recorded, you can create a new template specifically to address this requirement.

  • Copy the default template (called Meeting) to a new template.
  • Give it a suitable name (ex: recorded)
  • Increment the conference code by +1.
  • Save the new template.

This allows scheduling conferences from a calendar, as described here. By inviting to the meeting you advise ZipDX to use the “Recorded” template, ensuring that the conference is automatically recorded.

2. Control Call Recording using the Conference Dashboard

Once the conference is live, a host logged into the web ZipDX portal can access the conference dashboard. Control of call recording is one of the options offered in the Host Controls across the top of the conference dashboard.

Dashboard Host Controls Call Recording (off) 670px

Clicking on the Record/Transcribe option reveals a small pop-up menu with controls to toggle the status of recording or transcription. Simply click on the Record option to start/stop the recording.

Dashboard Host Controls Call Recording (on) 670px
3. Control Call Recording from Your Telephone Keypad

telephoneThere may be times when the conference is not set to be recorded in advance, and the host doesn’t have access to the web to use the conference dashboard. In this case, the host can toggle conference recording using just a few keystrokes on their telephone keypad.

  • Press *951 to START conference recording.
  • Press *950 to STOP conference recording.

Sharing the Conference Recording

After the conference ends the MP3 file is available to the conference organizer via the web portal. Once logged in they scroll down to the list of their completed conferences. They can click on the conference name to get to the details for that specific call, including the recording. They can listen to the recording, or download it for use offline.

Sharing Conference Recording

The conference organizer can also make it available to others. To do this they simply change the Access setting from “Only You” to “Anybody with Link.” This causes a Share option to be displayed. Clicking on Share reveals a URL that can be passed to anyone who needs to listen to the recording.


When a conference is being recorded, participants hear an announcement advising them of this fact before they are joined to the conference. This is legal necessity and cannot be avoided.

Conference recordings are retained for a specific period of time. This varies by account, and may be as short as one week, or as long as three years.

The conference details indicate that the recording will “Auto-delete in X days.” The system sends the conference organizer an email notification before any recording is deleted, giving them one last opportunity to download the recording to an offline archive.

There’s also a link to allow them to manually delete the file. Once deleted, it’s gone forever.


There you have it. As promised, three different ways to invoke conference recording, and the ability to share it around the organization.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

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