When Can I Join My Conference Call?

It’s a simple question, yet we hear is surprisingly often, so it bears examination. Exactly when can you join a ZipDX conference call? As with most things, the answer is simple, but there are a few variables that bear examination.

Timer 60It’s most common for ZipDX conferences to be be scheduled in advance. This is certainly the case when the organizer sets up the conference via our web portal, using Outlook or Google Calendar.


With scheduled conferences, participants are allowed to join the conference up to ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Participants who dial in more than ten minutes early will hear an announcement advising that, “The conference code entered is valid, but not yet active.”

Timer 60Hosts

In the process of scheduling the conference the organizer may use the Host Advanced Start setting (see item #21 here) to allow hosts* the ability to join before the participants. This is a great idea since it allows those who may be presenting, moderating or interpreting, to be truly prepared as the rest of the participants start to join.

To be assigned a specific role when the conference is schedule people are explicitly invited. This is most commonly done by adding their email address to the participant list and assigning them to the role of Host.

Since the system knows their email address, it will send them a message with guidance on when and how to connect. That guidance includes the specific of when they should connect, given their role.

*The Host Advanced Start applies to all roles except Participant. That includes; Auditor, Organizer, Owner, Host and Interpreter.

One more thing…

Borrowing a trick from the late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, we’d like to close this engagement with one further offering. And like the esteemed Mr. Jobs this last small offering is potentially transformative.

If you regularly hold or attend ZipDX conferences, consider adding your telephone number to your ZipDX profile. This will allow you to use the Call-Me feature. Using Call-Me, when you organize or are explicitly invited to conferences, the system will call you at the appropriate time! This eliminates any to worry about when you should dial-in.


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