Three Examples of Out-Of-The-Box Thinking about Conference Calls

Some people find it amusing to poke fun at the common, corporate use-case stereotypes for conferencing. For example, Tripp & Tyler’s 2014 sketch entitled, “A Conference Call in Real Life” is genuinely funny because it’s a common experience on corporate life.

While that’s all good fun, the humble conference call is in reality powerful a tool for bringing people together. It remains the baseline method for conducting virtual gatherings, and an often under-appreciated part of a robust communication strategy.

What we see every day is that our customers are inventive. They showcase an ever-expanding range of ways to leverage the ZipDX platform in enhancing their businesses. They often do things that go well beyond the stereotypical conference call.

Here are just a few novel applications that you might not have considered:

DR-in-HDTV1. Disaster Preparedness

ZipDX provides a potent communication toolset to rally your organization in response to unexpected events. This can be useful in a variety of contexts.

We see it used at:

  • PR agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Hotel chains
  • Automotive dealerships

ZipDX provides the overlay of structure for your crisis response planning. Key members of the team can be entered into the system, assigned to conference templates addressing specific areas of concern. The system can also track and prioritize multiple ways to reach each individual.

When a crisis response is required one call into ZipDX launches the desired conference. This triggers our Call-Me function to dial out to the relevant team, assembling your brain trust in moments, no matter where they may be.

Once collected the team has the tools to collaborate effectively, Web Sharing visuals, using Breakout Rooms for private discussions. They can even use the conference dashboard to dial-out to others as required.

Our Scribble automated transcription delivers a low-cost, real-time text transcript of the discussion, without requiring a dedicated meeting secretary.

Adobe Connect Composite 300px2. Online Training

For organizations with a distributed workforce online training provides a path to continuous improvement of skillset without the cost or complexity of a traditional meeting.

For many situations ZipDX provides a simple suite of tools that address the training process.

Flexible options for audio participation include:

  • Web Phone computer-based access
  • Traditional telephone access

Web Sharing delivers impactful visuals, whether PowerPoint presentation or a live demonstration, viewable on any computer or handheld platform.

For more involved situations ZipDX can be paired with Adobe Connect, the leading platform for structured online training.

ML-SlidShow-2sec3. Multilingual Webinars

ZipDX outperforms typical webinar platforms. Web-based tools for engaging an audience interactively are seamlessly layered upon a network with global reach, and the ubiquity of traditional telephony.

Participants can connect via the Web Phone or traditional phone call, with the convenience of local access lines in 60+ countries.

Our multilingual toolset allows professional interpreters to deliver UN-style simultaneous interpretation in real-time, allowing everyone to participate in their preferred language.

Our SlideShow capability lets you share presentation materials that have been translated into the various required languages. Participants see the visual presentation appropriate for the language that they are hearing.

Where warranted you can elect to allow participants to pose questions in their own voice, via an interpreter if necessary. Alternatively, give them listen-only audio connections, with the ability to pose questions via text chat.

ZipDX helps you reach your target audience, where they work and live, and in the language that they prefer.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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